Super Bowl Reactions

Sofia Snyder, asst. sports editor

Sophomore Gavin Morse

“For me, it was definitely the Julian Edelman catch, because I still remember in the 2007 Super Bowl, David Tyree caught it against his helment. So it was a little bit of payback for the Patriots in the Super Bowl, so that was really special.”

p.e. teacher Josh Stanton

“My favorite and most memorable moment of the Super Bowl was the two-point-conversion at the end of the game, because there was a flag, it was a lot of emotion [and] lots of drama. […]Both sides were going crazy, [and it] was really, really exciting.”

Junior Alex Ibarra

“My most memorable moment was when the game went into overtime, because half of my family members were really happy, and the other half were really upset and left our house screaming.”