Men’s track and field strive to meet personal goals

Matthew Peterson, staff reporter

The men’s track and field team is already competing in indoor events as they wait to hit the outdoor track when winter arrives.

Entering his 15th season as the head coach, Kurt Hassenstein has goals that don’t necessarily end with gold medals. According to Hassenstein, this year’s team may not be one of the best teams he has coached, but there are still highlights of the season to look forward to for the upcoming season.

“Our goal every year is for our teams to finish in the top half of the conference,” Hassenstein said. “Overall I would say our strengths are within our field events and our distance runners.”

Senior Jimmy Lustig is entering his fourth and final year as a South track runner. One of his fondest memories was during his sophomore season.

“Sophomore year, I was in the four-by-four relay, which is a lap outside, and I was the second runner,” Lustig said. “My friend Gavin [Cernek] was the first runner. He started the race and he got the baton to me [while] in second to last place, and by the time I gave the baton to the next person we were in first place.”

Lustig said he is setting the bar high for his final season and has a long-term personal goal.

“I’d like to run a sub 50/400, which is really difficult, but I feel like with the time I’ve put in and with the right amount of effort during the season, I could accomplish that goal,” Lustig said.

According to Lustig and Hassenstein, the team’s main goal is to make sure that each individual meets their goal, whether it be short-term or long-term. Similar to his coach, Lustig’s point of view is to meet his own goal to help the team.

“Everybody has their own [goal] that they want to do, and if we all get to our personal goals then I think we’d all be collectively happy,” Lustig said.


According to Hassenstein, the track and field team has several returning all conference players and is setting their goals on finishing towards the top in the conference.