An Exit Letter from a Graduating Senior


Rishi Lulla, staff writer

Well, this is it. I’m about to graduate from Glenbrook South High School and it feels really surreal. Four years really do fly by (except for the COVID year, which was unbearably slow) and college is right around the corner. But before I go, I’d like to give any underclassmen who are reading this a little advice coming from a senior (And anyone else going off to college, too.)

1. Try new things.

Some of the best years of my life were playing football – a sport that I wasn’t even considering before freshman year. But one thing led to another. My schedule was open, and I went out for something I was a huge fan of but had never played on a team for. And it worked out better than I could have imagined. The friendships I made will last after I leave GBS, and I will apply the lessons I learned about discipline and optimism to college and beyond.

2. Don’t be afraid to be the one taking the first step.

Whether it’s making a new friend, or finding a significant other, or starting a new club, don’t be afraid to take the first step. Chances are, the other person (or people) are just as doubtful as you are. As an overthinker and often anxious person, I learned that I had to cast that doubt aside and jump off the cliff. You never know what amazing things you’ll find.

3. Try out electives based on what you want to do, not on a college major or career.

You’ll spend plenty of time applying to college senior year. Don’t worry now about what electives will look like on an application. Just explore what you feel like, stick to it if you like it, and the ideas for a major and a career choice will flow from there.

4. Good health = better results.

Have a strict cutoff time for yourself when doing homework. Even if it isn’t all done, when you hit the cutoff time, put everything down and go to sleep. 

5. Lastly, open your eyes to what’s around you, not just what’s in front of you.

I love my phone just like everyone else, but the best interactions come face-to-face with people.

Glenbrook South is a genuinely great school, with amazing people, and it really is what you make of it. You can always get help if things aren’t going your way – but I think at this school, things tend to go pretty well.

Signing off! -Rishi Lulla