Summer birthdays are worth the wait


Riley Shankman, asst. opinions editor

For a lot of my life, pool parties and some form of ice cream cake have surrounded my birthday. Being outside was a must, and even if I ended up lobster red, I knew it was worth it to have the best birthday possible.

Summers have always been my favorite part of the year, because of my summer birthday.

Not to sound conceited, but I look forward to the day that is all about me. Especially due to the fact that it falls the same weekend as Lollapalooza, a perfect excuse to go see Lana del Rey. I love being able to be outside and not having to worry about school because I have weeks before it starts.

In the past on my birthday, I would wake up just as the sun began to rise and run downstairs to shiny plastic balloons scattered across the kitchen and streamers tangled in the lights. I spent the day surrounded by the sun, my friends, and my family. We would spend the whole day outside at the lake, at Six Flags, or in my backyard running around. 

As I have gotten older, I have begun to incorporate new things into my birthday celebrations such as going to Lollapalooza or spending the day in the city with my friends, while still making sure the day ends with cookies and cream ice cream cake.

I plan to continue my summer birthday traditions and add new ones as I grow older.  While the ice-cream cake and lake-filled day that has encompassed my childhood may feel juvenile now that I am closer to becoming an adult. I continue to value the traditions and habits that have formed around my birthday while also adding new ones along the way.

I continue to look forward to my birthday this year, despite the fact 17 in particular is a pretty boring number. 

I still appreciate all the traditions incorporated into it with my family and friends. 

I know that as I grow older, things will change and birthdays will seem less important, but I will always value the experiences I had on my birthday.