Connectivity In Music

Despite the dull, music brings color to life

Riley Shankman, asst. opinions editor

As I wake up for school on a cloudy day, the world around me feels gray. I reach towards my nightstand to grab my AirPods and open Spotify to find my favorite playlist. When I hit play the world begins to feel a little less gray.

As I drag myself through my morning routine, the rhythm drumming in my ears is the only thing keeping me awake. I tune out the grayness around me and listen to “Bags” by Clario on repeat. The world around me glows as I hone in on my little bubble of sound. 

Even on the gloomiest days, waking up to my favorite song makes things brighter. Music can amplify any situation, taking away the gray to bring in light and make me forget about the world around me. 

When I get in my car, the air around me is frigid and biting as I turn on the stereo. The car warms as Taylor Swift’s soothing voice starts to fill the car. The song gains momentum as I start the engine and race toward school. The upbeat rhythm of the music awakens me as I embark on the same route I take every day.

I yell the lyrics to “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” as loud as I can while racing down the street, although the lyrics have nothing to do with my life. I am filled with a whirlwind of emotions, and the world rushes by me in bright colors. It’s just me, the music, and the road.

 With music blaring in my ears, I am ready to face the day that no longer feels gray.

Instead of dreading the day ahead, music brings a feeling of glee. No matter what may be going on in life, whether it is stress from school or fighting with friends, there is a song out there that you scream or cry along to. 

Even in those moments when I’m sitting at my desk in the middle of the night ready to throw my Chromebook across the room; I can turn up the volume and listen to “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado on repeat. While the song may do nothing to soothe my urge to throw my Chromebook, I feel empowered to finish my homework. My pen dances across my notebook with enthusiasm as I move through my heaps of homework to the beat. 

Music has the power to make a moment feel meaningful, despite the mundane. It can amplify emotions of joy, sadness, or anger. In times of stress or gloom, music offers a sense of connectivity, showing that despite whatever you are feeling someone out there has felt similar. While everyone may not have had Taylor Swift’s levels of heartache, we understand her feelings of heartache and can relate. 

In the moments when I have been at my highest and lowest music has been there for me. Whether or not I’m crying to Phoebe Bridgers or laughing with Mac Miller, I feel connected to each artist and their music. The feelings follow me through my day from gray mornings to blue afternoons, and makes the world feel a little bit more colorful.