Oracle After Hours: Self care in the time of COVID


Mackenzie Bill, columnist

The other day, I forgot if we had school or not because I was so wrapped up in the stress of COVID-19. This made me realize that not only caring for others but caring for ourselves during this time is extremely valuable because it helps you stay mentally and physically fit.

I have experienced the weariness from E-Learning and not having enough space around my siblings and parents. Spending time with the same people every day is tiring.

 Instead of taking a break and focusing on my well-being, I worry about school assignments and the virus. So taking a break from those around you and work allows you to care for yourself.

Rachel Smith, a sophomore at South, is a member of a new mental health club, Elpida, which means “hope” in Greek. Smith said many South students face common mental health struggles right now. Elpida focuses on mental health awareness and wants to help students- be a part of a safe community to discuss mental health issues, Smith said. Self-care is one way Elpida can help South students.

Elpida and other clubs sent out an email with activity ideas for students to try and information about COVID-19. The email includes grounding techniques, recipes, instructions on how to knit, family game ideas, and book recommendations. Trying out these options can be a beneficial way to stay out of boredom and care for yourself. 

Self-care can come in all shapes and forms. It could be eating chocolate, taking a bath, exercising, or even taking a nap. I’ve done little self-care things like doing a face mask and going on walks.  Smith said that Elpida gave students ideas like these to focus on their well-being by having sent out a school-wide email.

 “We put together a whole student body email,” Smith said. “[The email] has workout videos, meditation videos, fun family games, and feel-good movies to stay optimistic”. 

Instead of isolating yourself during this time, participating in these self-care activities can easily be a mood booster. Starting hobbies that we may not have pursued in our normal schedules can be another form of self-care. For example, I pulled out my family’s sewing machine that was collecting dust in our basement. I attempted to sew a straight line on a random piece of fabric, and although I failed, it brought a smile to my face and was an uplifting activity to try.

Focusing on your own mental health is essential. It’s okay to be stressed out sometimes, but remember that focusing on your well-being is crucial. Self-care helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel, and helps us take time for ourselves. 

Any activity that can put a smile on your face is worth trying. Smith said that the most important thing about self-care is that it should bring you joy, which is something that I wholeheartedly agree with. During a difficult time, we should focus on what makes us motivated and content.

 “Do things that make you happy”, Smith said. “Little hobbies that are productive and get you out of bed bring hope to this dark time”. In order to stay mentally and physically well and uplift us in this time of crisis, self-care is very valuable.