TV shows influence style, shape wardrobe

TV shows influence style, shape wardrobe

Ava Mazzei, asst. a&e editor

Numerous aspects of my life inspire me daily, and I’m shameless to say that the TV shows I watch have been key in influencing my style all throughout high school. Netflix has touched my life for good, and I’m not looking to end that anytime soon.

When I was a freshman, I was obsessed with the show Gossip Girl. I, like Serena and Blair, wanted other people to know me by my high-end style and makeup; I wanted to be known for my looks. I wore Hunter boots when it wasn’t raining and skirts in the middle of January. It simply wasn’t making sense. After just a few weeks of waking up two hours before school to get ready, I started getting worn out by my desire to look perfect all the time. I wasn’t really making any new friends, which was counteracting the reason I was doing this in the first place. My individuality was at stake because of some artificial desire of mine to be known for my stylea style that wasn’t even my own!

Sophomore year, my friends and I drifted apart. I had some more time alone, so naturally, I got to watch more shows! I went through not one, but two phases (aka shows on Netflix) that year. First, I watched Pretty Little Liars. I loved the idea that each girl was so different from one another. Each one of them had such unique styles, but I was especially in sync with Hanna. She always found a way to spice up the basics, which I really appreciated. Next, I watched Vampire Diaries. Not much to say about this other than the fact that it made me appreciate the color black. Seriously. Every character always found a new way to wear black.

Junior year, my busybody only had time to commit to one show. Gilmore Girls took me back to the early 2000s, which I welcomed with open arms. The boot cut jeans, Converse, and cashmere sweaters were just what I needed for constantly being on-the-go. My constant studying met a balance with this new phase; it was all so simple. The best part was, I didn’t even have to go shopping! I could just wear my mom’s old clothes.

Finally, my style senior year has been inspired by the classic show Friends. This is another time hop that has yet again changed how I view fashion. I love the way Phoebe’s fingers are always full of rings, I love all of Monica’s different sweaters and I love Rachel’s ability to accessorize. I also love the way the women on the show aren’t afraid of wearing masculine clothing such as blazers, slacks, and even loafers. With this funky style, I am ready to embrace an optimistic attitude for both my final year here and my next steps to college.

From age 14 to age 18, I have gone through a ton of changes in my life and in my style. I got to experiment with all different kinds of fashion which I probably would’ve ever done otherwise. These phases have made my style what it is nowa true mix of all of them. Thanks, Netflix!