Personal style changes attitude, boosts confidence

Co-Features Editor Brigid Murphy expresses how fashion influences her daily life

Brigid Murphy, co-features editor

Individual style is not confined to awareness of fashion trends or personal taste in clothing. Style is not synonymous with fashion. It exists in many forms: attitude, expression, beliefs, values, even outward portrayal. The list goes on and on.

Everyone has a sense of style; it just manifests itself in different ways. It’s something that’s constantly evolving, and the many types are prioritized or emphasized by individuals for reasons unique to them.

An element of my personal style that I actively choose to cultivate is my fashion sense. This stands as a priority in my daily life, I seek to improve upon my ability to create complimentary outfits which in turn improves both my senses of attitude and expression. These different types of style interact with each other to shape who we are and how we portray ourselves to the rest of the world.

Every morning when I stand in my closet (which, contrary to popular belief, is quite a normal size), I think to myself, “How do I want to portray myself today?” This question offers endless possibilities. This is something only I get to choose, and I take full advantage.

I love to dress up, it does wonders for me. If I choose a combination of pieces that I adore, my confidence is boosted automatically. That test I studied all night for?  In the morning, I put on one of my favorite shirts and a great pair of shoes, and boom, I already feel better about my chances of acing that test from the very moment I take my seat and bubble in the first answer.

The idea of a “lazy day” is hard for me. Don’t get me wrong, I rep the sweatpants daily, but they mainly stay at home. When I’m out I want to put my best foot forward; the conscious choice of a flattering and professional outfit shows that I’m not just mailing it in with whatever I do. I want the people around me to see that I put effort into my appearance because I want their first impression of me to stick in their minds.

I often get the question “How do you have the energy to dress cute every day?” It’s not that I siphon energy away from other sectors of my daily life into looking cute. It’s just that looking nice and put together is a priority of mine. The attention I give to my outward appearance through clothing shows another sense of my style: my values of professionalism and its accompanying mentality of dedication.

Dressing up makes me feel professional. The right outfit can alter both my perception of myself and the events of the day. Feeling put together raises my self esteem; if I’m wearing sweats when I hand in a six-page paper, I automatically feel less confident in the quality of my work. When I elect to take the extra step of dressing nicely, I feel that it shows that I actively care how I’m presented to the world.

This professionalism I feel from funneling energy and care into my daily wardrobe choices then contributes to how I act and express myself, putting forth my most confident self.