Johnson wins Chicago Mayor

Layla Mohamed, asst. news editor

The Chicago mayoral runoff elections resulted in a win for Democrat Brandon Johnson, former Chicago Public School (CPS) Teacher and Paid Chicago teachers Union Organizer, on April 4. Johnson is set to be inaugurated as Chicago’s 57th mayor on May 15, Peter Marzano reported to NBC Chicago. In addition to Johnson’s victory, the election determined the  50 alderpersons who will represent Chicago wards, and other officials, Angie Leventis Lourgos reported to the Chicago Tribune.

About 36 percent of Chicago’s registered voters participated in the election, according to the Chicago Board of Election Comissioners. In Johnson’s victory speech, his win represented the “revival and resurrection of the city of Chicago”. As a former CPS teacher, Johnson primarily advocates for policies issuing education and teacher union rights. However, he also promotes policies surrounding unemployment, violence, reduced public transit fares, and more left-wing politics, Solcyre Burga reported for Time Magazine.

“We finally will have a city hall, a government that truly belongs to the people of Chicago. Chicago can truly be a safe, world class city, as remarkable as its potential,” Johnson said. “We get to make sure of that our hopes and our dreams do not have to stop and end today. We get to make sure, you all, that the people of Chicago will finally have what they’ve been waiting for.”

Senior and Executive President Drew Duffy expresses content with the outcome of the election as he is a strong supporter of Johnson’s education policies, and is anticipating Johnson’s impact to the Chicagio system in his upcoming term.

“I am a strong supporter of Johnson’s education policies. All children and teens should be able to access high quality schools with strong after-school programs in their neighborhoods,” Duffy said. “That must be coupled with bringing in teaches and compensating them fairly, which Johnson has vowed to do.” 

Additionally, Freshman Jack Rahija opposes Jackson’s victory, and believes candidate Vallas would be a stronger candidate preference because of his position on crime policies in Chicago. 

“I chose Vallas as my preferred candidate due to his stance on crime. In recent years, it has become increasingly more dangerous to visit the city,” Rahija said. “ I hope [Vallas] would issue more of a crackdown in the city.” 

To Chicago suburbians, the Chicago election results are still important to focus on, as it Johnson’s victory can redetermine the city lifestyle in Chicago, junior Adhwaita Roshain-Nair said. 

“The Chicago elections are important to follow because it could reshape things like downtown [architecture] in a post-pandemic Chicago and crime issues,” Roshain-Nair said. “Since many Chicago suburbians visit the city frequently, it’s important to [understand] its political environment.”