Clubs celebrate Spring Fling during lunch-wide festival


spring fling festival: Clubs raised money during all blocks on Friday, April 14. While at the Spring Fling Festival they were able to sell food and bring awareness to clubs. Photo by Riley Shankman

Mia Carr, News editor

Lined around the autos courtyard, many of South’s clubs sold food and other items such as stickers at the Spring Fling Festival during all lunch blocks. The festival, which was just one of the activities a part of the week-long Spring Fling planned by Student Council, was an opportunity for clubs to fundraise and welcome the new spring season, Mark Maranto, Assistant Principal of Student Activities, said.
Planned by Maranto and the Student Council, the festival occurred on April 14. Additionally, there were food trucks for students to buy from, Maranto added. This year, students were able to pay for the festivities via PayPal, he explained. A main benefit of the festival is the money raised by the clubs, Maranto said.

“Student Council does not take any [profit], [clubs earn] 100 percent [of the money they make],” Maranto said. “[Because the festival was hosted during lunch blocks] A, B, and C, [the clubs] have a lot of time [to make money].”

The planning began weeks before the event, and separate committees inside Student Council were in charge of the planning, Ana Arzoumanidis, Junior Class President, explained. The committees reached out to clubs and food truck companies to invite them to work at the event, Arzoumanidis added.

Senior Nathan Horwitz, Drama Club President, worked the event. Drama Club used Spring Fling as an opportunity to not only fundraise, but to also promote different upcoming events in the drama department such as the Mean Girls musical and Mic Night, Horwitz explained.

During the festival, Drama Club sold snacks and set up a game called “Swift or Shakespeare” that students could play, Horwitz said. “To fundraise, we sold a variety of snacks for cheaper prices than what you’d find in the cafeteria,” Horwitz said. “[Additionally], to gain some more interest we had a game called “Swift or Shakespeare” where people would guess if a quote was either from a Taylor Swift song, or from one of Shakespeare’s works and if they got it right, they’d get free candy.”
Horwitz recognized the festival as an opportunity for clubs to raise money regardless of what they are raising the funds for.
“Some clubs may sell things to raise money for their club; and others may use the money to donate for charity,” Horwitz said. “Overall Spring Fling is an amazing opportunity for clubs to get noticed and earn some money along the way.”