Spring festivities spark excitement among students


Ella Vick, Staff writer

After years of canceling and reconfiguring numerous events, Mark Maranto, Assistant Principal for Student Activities, explained that this year’s Spring Fling and Spring Formal were symbols that life is returning to normal. With the hopes of maximizing student interaction and participation, the festivities were combined, Moranto said. The Spring Fling occurred as it had prior years with food trucks, dress up days, and games, while the Spring Formal took the place of what used to be the Turnabout Dance. With many Covid-19 restrictions alleviated, Moranto said that South students were able to experience the Spring Fling and Formal in their authentic, intended expressions.

“Last school year and much of this school year has involved restrictions and adaptations to events,” Maranto said. “It’s thrilling to see a dance in its actual form.”

The Spring Fling and Spring Formal were both planned by the Student Council, who intended the Spring Fling to be a fun event for all students, as well as a way for clubs to earn money by selling items at their booths. The festivities began the week South returned from spring break, Tomoki Imura, Student Body President, explained.

“Spring Fling [occurred] April 1 and included food trucks, a slip-n-slide, a dunk tank, and various giveaways for students during all lunch blocks,” Imura said. “Spring Formal [occurred] April 2. Calling for semi-formal attire, it showcased a dj, dance floor, and desert food trucks.”

Planning and executing school-wide events is no small feat, especially when many Student Council members have conflicting schedules, Imura explained. The success of Spring Fling took hours of planning and dedication by students and staff-members alike.

“[There was] a lot of conversation[s] between me, [the Student Council] Vice Presidents, and Mr. Maranto,” Imura said.

Fortunately, as junior Lexi Lito attested, the hard work culminated in a wonderful experience for South’s student body. Lito participated in spirit days and attended both the Spring Fling and the dance . She said that her peers were excited- and noted the significance of students being able to make in-person memories after so long apart.

“The spirit days were really exciting, dressing up and seeing everyone else participate as well,” Lito said. “There was a lot of excitement overall, but especially amongst the underclassmen because this was their very first high school spring dance experience. [Students were] able to be together in person, bond, and make memories together.”