New Athletics office built in fieldhouse lobby, now more easily accessible

Ella Naugle, asst. news editor

Over the summer, the Athletic Department offices were renovated and moved to the fieldhouse lobby, Athletic Director Steven Rockrohr said.

Before the renovation, the office was in the dome and difficult to access, Rockrohr explained. The new location allows for the offices to be in the heart of what’s going on, Rockrohr updated.

“You didn’t know there was an Athletic Office back in the northwest court of the gym and you had to really look to find us,”  Rockrohr said. “Anybody we brought into the office had to dodge badminton nets and volleyballs [to get there].”

The new office location allows for a more professional location and look, Rockrohr said. In the old office, there was wood paneling, but the new office is modern with new monogrammed South chairs. ARCON Architecture came up with the design and discussed it with Rockrohr and Casey Wright, the associate principal for administrative services.

“Its an upgrade” Rockrohr said. “This [office] is a lot more modern.”

Before P.E. classes start and students wait in the fieldhouse lobby, the new office allows for more supervision, according to Rockrohr. In addition, the new location allows for parents to easily locate PE teachers and coaches during sporting events, Principak Dr. Lauren Fagel said.

“That end of the building is very, very busy after school and on weekends,” Fagel said.  “There was no administrative center where people could ask questions [before].”

Rockrohr mentioned that the new conference room has an Apple TV for coaches and teachers to use at meetings. The varsity football team has already used the room to review plays, Rockrohr said.

“The varsity football guys came in [the conference room, where] there’s a TV and an Apple TV so they can show their videos and highlights to break down plays,” Rockrohr said.

Much of the school has undergone renovations to modernize the building, Rockrohr explained. The athletic office renovation has been needed for a decade, however, only recently did it become a priority, Fagel explained.

“In the last several years, the facelift of the entire school has been really nice and now it was just the Athletic Department’s time,” Rockrohr said.