District 225 reveals updated logos, modernizes classic shield design

Isabella Albrecht, staff reporter

GBS and GBN presented their new logos at the beginning of the second semester in preparation for the launch of District 225’s new website.

According to Karen Geddeis, Director of PR and Communications for District 225, there was a technical need to update the GBS logo because the district lacked a high resolution image.

“There was no one in this district who could locate the original file,” Geddeis said. “Every time someone had a request and they wanted this to be used for print, for t-shirts, for this or that, they would ask me for the high resolution file, and no one could find it. So from a very technical standpoint, I knew we had to do something to fix this.”

Superintendent Dr. Mike Riggle emphasized the lack of consistency the administration experienced with the old GBS logo.

“One of the problem’s with South’s [old logo] was that they had a school crest with a titan on top of the crest, but there was not [a logo] that was necessarily consistent across the board,” Riggle said.

According to Geddeis, the upcoming launch of District 225’s new website is what prompted the logos to be redesigned this year. However, Geddeis said the implementation of these new logos will be gradual, rather than immediate.

“From the district’s perspective, it’s pretty easy on all of our electronic publications, our social media feeds, our website- we’re replacing that,” Geddeis said. “Things that are [emblazoned] in the hallways, we’re not saying paint over the old one. We’re not saying if it’s in stone, recreate it.”

Dr. Jim Shellard, assistant principal for student activities, says the shield, which carried over from the old logo for both North and South, holds important meaning for GBS and represents the qualities a Titan should embody. According to Shellard, the lyre on the shield represents artistry and symbolizes a Titan’s commitment to an activity. The shoe represents sportsmanship and symbolizes a Titan’s confidence, commitment and determination. The torch represents scholarship and exemplifies a Titan’s search for knowledge. Lastly, the scale represents balance and a Titan’s ability to make responsible decisions.

Riggle said, “I think it’s important that [the logo] speaks to the traditions of the school, and that people feel that it is a logo that represents them.”