Summer construction allows for high student enrollment

Lauren Benson, staff reporter

This coming summer, GBS will undergo multiple in-school construction projects in order to accommodate larger student enrollment.

The summer construction projects include the conversion of the science/computer lab and the science/technology office into additional general classrooms and the math/computer lab into another physics lab, the expansion of the Project Lead The Way classrooms and makerspace, the relocation of the photos room to the art wing and the addition of private changing rooms to the boys and girls P.E. locker rooms, according to assistant principal Gary Freund.

“[The goal] is not to expand the building, but make modifications in the building,” Freund said. “[…]We’ll start [the last day of school], and it will take all summer, [but] before [school is back in session] it will be done.”

The necessity of these changes is apparent, according to Freund, if one looks at the high school’s enrollment projections for the years 2014-15 through 2019-20. Student enrollment in 2014 was 2,895–in 2019 it’s projected to be between 3,185 and 3,227.