New courses added to 2016-2017 school year

Gigi Cepeda, staff reporter

New and modified courses and a redesigned course offerings list will be implemented in the coming school years.

There will be two major additions for next year: a new business course, Entrepreneurship Business Incubator, which will allow students to create a business, and Geometry in Construction, which will allow students to learn geometry concepts by constructing a project, according to Principal Lauren Fagel.

Entrepreneurship Business Incubator will be largely influenced by the processes discussed in Running Lean by Ash Maurya and The Lean Startup by Eric Reis, according to Mike Macfadden, who will be teaching the course.

“So, basically, there’s a nine step process that students will undergo throughout the entire year as they examine the different facets of business,” Macfadden said.

According to Cameron Muir, associate principal of curriculum, the course allows students to gain experience in the different jobs that are related to getting an idea started and developing it so they can create a pitch and start the business.

Another new program is Geometry in Construction, according to Fagel, which will consist of a geomtery course and a construction course with the same students. The program will teach geometry through the construction of a project.

According to Mark Gallagher, who will teach the Geometry portion, students who take this course will not only gain knowledge of geometry concepts, but also construction skills that will benefit them later in life.

“This class is an opportunity for GBS to partner with the Glenview community and other partners,” Gallagher said. “The key to the success of this program will be the ‘buy-in’ that students will feel from seeing the Math come to life and discover why geometry plays an important role in our everyday lives.”

South administrators are also working on a digital, interactive course guide for the 2017-2018 school year.