PerforMax powers athletes’ performance


Business Bosses: PerforMax owners, juniors Griffin Dahiya, Adam Lorenzini, Ryan Mahandru, and Ryan Siegel pose with their wellness shots at Blended Health & Smoothie Bar. Photo courtesy of Ryan Mahandru

Ella Vick, Noah Oberbroeckling, staff writers

For many active teens, finding sources of on-the-go sustenance that satisfy daily nutritional needs is no small task. Juniors Griffin Dahiya, Adam Lorenzini, Ryan Mahandru, and Ryan Siegel were all uncertain about the value of daily nutrients they each needed and how they could easily access this nutrition, Dahiya said. In February, they launched PerforMax, a smoothie, and wellness shot business, in hopes of providing a solution to this problem.

“[Lorenzini, Seigel, Mahandru, and I] are all student-athletes [at South] who have a hard time finding time to get the right nutrition,” Dahiya said. “The goal came together quickly: finding a way to make it easy for student-athletes to get the right daily nutrients and proteins.”

A Business Incubator class offered at South played a significant role in the creation of PerforMax. PerforMax founders met Michael Macfadden, Consumer and Technical Education Teacher, in the Business Incubator class, who serves as a mentor and strong supporter of PerforMax, Dahiya explained. In addition, Dahiya credited the specific roles taken on by each member of the PerforMax staff as an essential part of their success thus far.

“Adam Lorenzini is one of the managers,” Dahiya said. “Ryan Mahandru [and I are both] mixologists and smoothie makers, [meaning] we come up with all the ingredients and do research on what goes into each smoothie. Ryan Siegel is our social media/marketing director. Macfadden, as well as April Doremus from Blended have all been [a] big help.”

 On April 10, Dahiya, Lorenzini, Mahandru, and Siegel partnered with Blended, a local smoothie bar, to officially open their business. They hosted a smoothie party and offered a myriad of smoothies and shots. With the initial foundation provided by Blended, Lorenzini has hopes for continuing the expansion of PreforMax’s popularity.

“[At blended], we had our smoothie party where we launched [PerforMax],” Lorenzini said. “[Our goal has been] to continue to grow from there.”

With the success of their event at Blended, Dahiya, Lorenzini, Mahandru, and Siegel are brainstorming new ideas to decrease their dependence on Blended and establish their own stream of revenue, according to Mahandru. He explained how a shared vision amongst fellow coworkers for PerforMax has united the company.

“We are all close-knit and all have the same goal for our company,” Mahandru said. “Right now it is mainly experience [that we are focused on]. We are just trying to broaden our scopes [regarding] what goes in and out of the business and how to operate it.”

The name Performax was chosen with the intent of helping student-athletes achieve their maximum performance.

“[Dahiya, Lorenzini, Seigel, and I] came up with the name PreforMax [based on our hopes] to help student-athletes reach their max performance,” Mahandru said. “[South students can support PerforMax] by going to Blended and by following PreforMax Official on Instagram to keep up with what we’re doing.”