Checking it off the list

Mia Carr, Staff writer

A bucket list is filled with goals meant to be completed before you ‘kick the bucket’. Some achievements might include traveling the world, while others are as simple as learning to ride a skateboard. At the end of the day, a bucket list is a simple way to visualize what you want to achieve in life.

Many students at South have their own bucket lists; in fact, sophomore Sophia Bienko has two.

“The first one is a short-term bucket list,” Bienko explained. “[It’s filled with goals] that I want to do just for a brief time or things that I’ve heard through social media. On my long-term bucket list [there are goals about] traveling and going to places that I heard about or places my family is connected to.”

Bienko shared that her lists have become significant to her over time. She said that being away from her friends during quarantine has helped her understand the importance of her list and the experiences on it.

“This past summer, I really got into making a tangible list and I think it’s because I was away from my friends [for so long],” Bienko said. “I was surrounded constantly by things and activities I wanted to do.”

Sophomore Natalie Brady explained that school has positively affected her list. One of the biggest goals on her bucket list is going to France.

“I just remember, I took French thinking, ‘I’ve always wanted to go to Europe,” Brady said. “I want to go to Paris because I think that I’ve gained [knowledge of the French language] during high school. I want to be there and find all the places that I’ve seen online.”

Similarly to Brady, Elizabeth Lupfer, social studies teacher, also has a dream of traveling. She shared that travel has been a part of her life since she was 14.

Temporarily halted by Covid-19 travel restrictions, Lupfer’s explained that she plans to continue exploring the world after the pandemic.

“I think my first decision was to study a year abroad in college or abroad overseas,” Lupfer said.

Reflecting on a trip to Haiti where she learned about Haitians’ lives, she said the trip gave her a different perspective.

“I think going to Haiti, [was my most important trip],” Lupfer said. “I went and volunteered. The best part [about traveling] is meeting people from other countries and realizing how much we have in common.”

Bienko emphasized the importance of seeing the world she has heard so much about, visualizing her travel goals with her bucket list.

“I want to go out and see what I’ve been taught about,” Bienko said. “[I want to] learn about [foreign countries] and the people who live [there].”