Anime Club provides welcoming space for students

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Joseph Mulloy, the sponsor of Anime Club, prudently picks out an animation film as the members stand behind the projector, enjoying snacks and each other’s company. Every Thursday after school, GBS students quickly crowd around room 166, as they bring their school day to a close with an action-packed episode of anime. According to Mulloy, Anime Club is an extracurricular where students can simply relax after a long, exhausting school day and enjoy classic animation with other peers.

“We kind of hang out,” Mulloy said. “They’ll chit-chat amongst themselves and we will watch either an anime movie, which we’ll watch maybe over two meetings because those are about an hour and a half to two hours long, or we’ll maybe watch an episode or two of a series.”

In addition, the club also incorporates different activities associated with anime instead of solely watching series and films, according to Mulloy. Recently, the members have begun to bring anime related games, sharing their love for these animations in a different form.

“Once in awhile, they’ll play anime themed video games, so for the last couple meetings, the kids have brought their Wii and played Pokemon or Smash Brothers or something like that,” Mulloy said.

According to Imani Harvey, the president of Anime Club, every meeting is filled with laughter and excitement as she is involved in a club she truly cares about. It’s a friendly atmosphere where she can confidently share her passion with people of her same interests.

“My most memorable moment [at Anime Club] is probably all of them,” Harvey said. “Anime Club is sort of like a friend type of group more than club. There are so many friends who want to hang out instead of having just like a president and members.”

Brian Herrera, a member of Anime Club, claimed he was at first hesitant to join, but is now grateful for the opportunity to make new friends and share his love for anime with others.

“I wasn’t expecting much […] and I didn’t know what we were gonna do,” Herrera said. “I was like, ‘should I go, should I not go,’  but I ended up going and saw a couple friends there and new people. It’s unique, and it’s fun.”

Annually, Anime Club visits the ACEN or Anime Central Convention down in Rosemont, celebrating Japan, manga, and anime. According to Harvey, it’s an exciting event where Anime Club members have the chance to fully experience the world of Japanese anime.

“There’s activities such as panels where you can meet voice actors, meet animators and people in the career,” Harvey said. “There’s booths where you can buy merchandise and [do] cosplay […] the convention is crowded, loud, lively, and colorful.”

In the future, Harvey hopes the club continues to remain as a friendly, welcoming environment to all incoming members and to also find a new president with the same passion and love she has with Anime Club.

“My whole goal was to make anime club better,” Harvey said. “My goal is to make it better for everyone to have fun. I’m hoping somebody who takes over when I leave will do the same thing, and not let it die out.”

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