The Oracle

Support for abusive artists proves unethical, disrespectful

Gigi Cepeda, co-opinions editor

April 20, 2018

A few weeks ago, my friend offered me an earbud, and as someone who often shares music with me, I was interested to hear whatever he deemed adequate for my picky taste. What I heard made me reel back, not because of the sound...

South’s Most Influential- Annabel Eigel

Annabel Eigel, varsity lacrosse captain

March 16, 2018

After not playing in last year’s season of Paranoia, a competitive Nerf war in which many South students participate outside of school, I couldn’t wait to make a team and participate this year. Despite last year’s high-speed ca...

CTE’s Internship demands increased participation, promotion

March 16, 2018

Junior Macy Galante always dreamed of being a teacher. When she took Child Development, her enthusiasm furthered, and now, she has solidified her passion for education through an internship. Though Galante’s internship was required ...

Quicker grading standards needed

March 16, 2018

Sitting in math class, a student’s test is returned. He looks at the date written on it. The assessment was from over a month ago. His teacher goes over the questions, but he struggles to even recollect taking the test. The...

Fairy tales encourage gender roles

Gabby Zabat, columnist

March 16, 2018

Once upon a time, the knight in shining armor slayed the vengeful dragon and woke the princess from her slumber. Next, the damsel rests unconscious as she awaits true love’s kiss from her prince. As much as I love the cheesy...

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