Oracle Bookclub: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder



A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson is the first of a trilogy. The book is a young adult mystery that takes readers through unexpected twists and turns. Pippa “Pip” Fitz-Amobi, a teenager in Fairview, Connecticut, decides to work on an infamous murder case in her town for her senior project: trying to prove Salil “Sal” Singh’s innocence in of Andrea “Andie” Bell’s death five years ago. After Andie’s death, Sal was found dead in the woods, presumably suicide, but Pip does not buy it. Using investigative journalism and partnering with Sal’s brother, Ravi, Pip attempts to get to the bottom of the case. Pip dives into characters’ darkest moments to reveal what really happened, but the truth is not what anyone thought it would be. With loved ones on the line and the trail towards truth that keeps unwinding, Pip is determined to bring justice. Jackson’s novel raises themes of reputation, public shame, identity, and the dangers of uncovering truth. A tale of murder, accusation, and deeply rooted hatred, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is a nail-biting mystery that left us on our toes. We would recommend it to anyone searching for a suspenseful story!

Note: This book explores topics of death, bullying, self harm, murder, and rape.