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Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon is a beautifully moving novel. Recommended for young adults, the book follows the journey of Madeline, a teenage girl with a rare condition that prevents her from leaving her house, as the outside world could make her gravely ill. However, upon the arrival of Olly, her mysterious new neighbor, Madeline begins to realize that there is more to life than what exists within her four walls. Within the midst of forming a deep, passionate connection with Olly, Madeline begins to question the validity of the illness that she has spent her whole life abiding by. Madeline’s story explores themes of relationships, both familial and romantic, raising questions of who one should trust. From a suspicious mother, to a perplexing boy next door, the isolated Madeline must find out for herself who’s being honest with her. Yoon’s writing style is enthralling and emotional, and carefully tells the story of an unexpected, yet consuming couple. In Everything, Everything, Yoon created characters who were unafraid to take risks and express courage in the face of adversity, making for an inspiring story that successfully encourages readers to pursue their dreams. This captivating tale of romance and exploration captures the reader’s attention, allowing one to feel the ups and downs of the characters’ journey. In addition to being a great novel, Everything, Everything was interpreted into an inspiring film, incredibly accurate and just as moving as Yoon’s original work, available to watch on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video. Overall, Everything, Everything is an endearing, uplifting book that we would recommend to anyone interested in feeling inspired.