Winter play steals the show

Sara Rahman, Asma Ghomrawi, and Jessica An

Reservoir Dogs, this year’s winter play, was performed in the drama and dance room on Dec. 8 and Dec. 9, John Cowlin, Winter Play Director, and English Teacher, said. The play is based on the 1992 film of the same name, which follows six criminals on a diamond heist.

Freshman Isabel Arranz, who played Holdaway, decided to audition for the winter play because it was a good opportunity to pursue her continued passion for theater.

“I [did a lot of] theater summer camps and a comedy musical [in the past],” Arranz said. “I wanted to do something theater related [at South], so I decided to audition for the [Winter] play.”

For sophomore Lidiia Okilko, who played Mr. Blonde, participating in the winter play was a completely new experience. Okilko sought out the winter play as an opportunity to try something new and meet people along the way. 

“I have never acted before,” Okilko said. “I really wanted to make some great memories during the process.”

Cowlin explained that he looks for specific qualities when casting members for the play to ensure that the production is successful and enjoyable for all.

The quality I look for [when casting] is the ability to take direction,” Cowlin said.  “In other words, they do something one way and then I challenge them to do it a different way, that means that there’s more room for us to grow and change.” 

While rehearsals for the play were held daily, the winter play accommodated students’ schedules, Arranz said. Having a flexible rehearsal schedule made the experience more pleasant for her, she explained.

 The cast in the play also helped create close ties between the actors, Okilko noted. She emphasized that the cast and crew were very special to her.

“The community in the play [was] amazing,” Okilko said. “I made lots of friendships that I am very grateful for and will always cherish.”