Community from assembly


Stella Ivanov, staff writer

As music blared through the walls, crowds of people gathered into the auditorium to see South’s orchestra, choir, and band perform for the winter music assembly on Dec. 14, choir director Robert Shellard said.

The assembly is a long-standing tradition that band, orchestra, and choir members enjoy participating in, that makes South very different from other schools, Shellard said. 

“[The winter music assembly is] something that makes South very unique and special, by taking the opportunity to gather as a community,” Shellard said. “[The assembly helps us] reflect on the year that we’ve had, but also look forward to the upcoming year.”  

The students who perform get the chance to be showcased in front of the student body and express their talents, sophomore a capella singer Paige Johnson, said. The assembly is a way to unite the school and to get students and staff in the holiday spirit, Johnson said.

“I think it’s really important to kick off the holiday season [by listening] to music,” Johnson said. “[The winter music assembly is] a good way to bring the school together with music.”

The increasing number of people who were able to watch the assembly this year allowed the students to become more informed about the choir and the groups that they have the opportunity to join, senior Anthony Tu mentioned. The musical community presents their talented groups during the assembly and to make themselves seen, he said. 

“It’s really important for choir to put ourselves out there so that people know that we exist and that they can join if they want to,” Tu said.

The music community works hard throughout the first semester, and the assembly is a great way for them to reflect on this, senior Rachel Kunkel noted. 

“[The winter music assembly] is an amazing opportunity to show South what the music department has been working on,” Kunkel said. “Most students don’t attend band, orchestra, or choir concerts and this is a chance for them to connect with this kind of music.”