Orchesis Dance Show shines


Dazzling dancers: Orchesis, De La Cru, Bhangra Beats, and Latino Heat perform in the 2021 Orchesis Dance Show. Photo credits: Tori Appel

Tori Appel, Web Editor

One moment: darkness, accompanied by a hushed murmur of ecstatic anticipation. The next: a flash of bright blue lights, a loud bang of music, and the audience’s awe-filled eyes. The dancers began—their figures flowing across the stage, their movements sophisticated and precise. 

The Orchesis 2021 Dance Show began.

The Orchesis Dance Show, which occurred on Friday, Dec. 3, is the sole event the group prepares for during the entirety of first semester each year, where they showcase a diverse array of dancing styles, Sari Farekas, Director of Orchesis, explained. Orchesis, however, was not alone on stage: dance groups Bhangra Beatz, De La Cru, Latino Heat, and Titan Poms all performed as well. The incorporation of other groups stemmed from Orchesis’ value of inclusivity, which is demonstrated by the absence of cuts from the team, Farekas explained. 

“I love how [Orchesis is] inclusive to everyone,” Farekas said. “Orchesis provides a place where [students] from all four grades [and] at every level can come together to grow as dancers and individuals.”

Additionally, most of the choreography in the show was created by students, including junior Jubilee Chen, who explained that the opportunity to choreograph one of the dances ended up being her favorite part about Orchesis this year. 

“It’s fun being able to teach other students and see all those movements and choreography come to life,” Chen said.

For many Orchesis members, dancing goes beyond the choreographed movements, senior Camryn Andrews, an Orchesis officer, emphasized. Andrews explained that once she has memorized a routine, the feeling and emotion behind a piece is what truly drives her.

“By the time we’re dancing on stage, we know the dances, we know the moves, and I’m able to let go,” Andrews said. “I have gotten to a point where I think less about every move that I’m doing, and more on the emotion and the story of the dance.”

While the return of a live audience this year heightened her nerves, Chen explained that she actually found it beneficial because it gave her the adrenaline rush she was missing last year, when the dance show was filmed without any spectators. Additionally, performing in front of a live audience, Chen said, makes her feel supported and appreciated. 

“[Without an audience], you just lose that rush, [you] lose that motivation,” Chen said. “It’s nice to have people there to support you.”

Finally, months of hard work came to an end with the close of a curtain. Andrews said she was unbelievably proud of her fellow Orchesis members during the show, and she believes the performance went fantastically. She poured her heart into Orchesis this year, she said, and feels like it all came together beautifully in the end. 

“We created an incredible show and an even stronger community,” Andrews said.