Drumline and color guard further their performances into the winter season

Eleanor Walsh, staff reporter

The Glenbrook population watches them from the stands at friday night football games under the bright stadium lights. They move their cars on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that the band can practice. They hear about their countless successes in competitions on the announcements, but what GBS doesn’t see is the countless hours that Taylor Keime, drumline co-captain, practices alongside the rest of the line to perfect their football performances or the bonding time that Marina Madsen, color guard captain spends with her team on the way to competitions. Both the GBS marching band and color guard are looking to continue their successful seasons into the chilly winter.

Both groups have attempted a winter season in the past, but this is the first year they will firmly start and establish a collective winter season. During the fall, the color guard and the marching band are one.

“Marching band is the sound and we are the visual,” Madsen said.

Considering that band is a co-curricular (in school class and out of school practice) the teams try to find time to spend together to bond and to hangout outside of concentrated practices. For Madsen, this bonding time is on the bus on the way to performances.

“In the back of the bus [is] where the music travels,” Madsen said. We’re getting each other excited.”

Other than the usual football games, basketball games and parades, marching band competed in four competitions this past season. Marcus Bienko, drumline co-captain thinks fondly of this final competition.

“[Our team was] mamed best drumline as well as best band in our class,” said Bienko.

The winter drumline idea was prompted by Junior Mike Vilches, who was watching videos of other schools winter drumlines, according to Vilches. Vilches thought “Why don’t we have something like that here?”Despite the difficulty, he is excited to learn the ropes and establish a winter season so he can continue it his senior year.

The plans for color guard and drumline are still in the works, but color guard is hoping to get their season started, according to Madsen.

“[We are looking to] kind of getting back into how do we even make this happen,” Madsen said.

Both groups are looking to use this first year to work out how they will do this in the future.
“It’s my responsibility to leave them in a good position” Keime said. Keime is hoping that this new season will,“Unite people under this like school spirit while we have fun doing it”.