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“Dear Evan Hansen” tackles teen issues

Sofia Snyder, co-sports editor

October 6, 2017

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“Dear Evan Hansen, today is going to be a great day and here’s why…” is the pep talk Evan Hansen gives himself everyday to help him get through senior year. It’s also the message that helps a lie spiral throughout a ...

Swift’s new image sends hypocritical message

Julia Patterson, asst. opinions editor

October 6, 2017

Filed under Opinions, Reviews

When I was in sixth grade, I wrote my very first five paragraph essay about Taylor Swift and how she overcame feeling bullied and isolated by girls growing up. Inspiring, really. All I can say for Taylor Swift now is that 13-ye...

Louder Than A Bomb liberates, inspires

Cassidy Jackson, senior editor

June 2, 2017

Filed under Reviews, Web Exclusives

“After each performance, I’m gonna need you guys to cheer as loud as you would if Donald Trump happened to disappear into the Bermuda Triangle!” When Britteney “Black Rose” Kapri, renowned poet and co-host of Louder ...

Coldplay’s final album introduces new sound, recalls band’s history

Leah Dunne, asst. features editor

February 5, 2016

Filed under A&E, Reviews

Thinking of my early childhood years, I can’t help but remember listening to Coldplay’s early 2000 songs, “Yellow,” “Fix You,” “The Scientist” and “Speed of Sound.” Lead singer Chris Martin’s smooth vocals...

The Revenant impresses with stunning imagery, acting

Dani Tuchman, co-editor-in-chief

February 5, 2016

Filed under A&E, Reviews

There’s no question that director Alejandro González Iñárritu has secured his spot in the non-existent Filmmakers Hall of Fame. With his recent release of The Revenant, Iñárritu continues to solidify his newly-deemed rep...

American Horror Story introduces “Hotel”:

Lauren Frias, co-editor-in-chief

November 6, 2015

Filed under Reviews

Horror can be defined in a variety of ways. Whether it be detailed by jump scares, psychological immorality or graphic gore, the previous can be found alone or in a wide variety of combinations. However, a rare example of all three ...

The Best of the Best

Jake Aquino, asst. opinions editor

October 3, 2014

Filed under A&E, Opinions, Reviews

Music critic Jake Aquino reviews his favorite album, song and live performance of the summer. BEST ALBUM: GREEN LANGUAGE BY RUSTIE One of the most underrated DJs simply due to his operating outside the realm of American ED...

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