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The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

The news site of Glenbrook South High School.

The Oracle

Photo courtesy of Anya Azara

Showing my gratitude

Anya Azara, guest columnist
April 21, 2023

I started playing travel softball when I was seven years old. Even before that, I played t-ball and park district softball. When you have played the same sport for most of your life, you experience all...

Saying goodbye

Charlie Bickel, staff writer
April 21, 2023

I’ve known some of my baseball teammates at South for as long as I can remember. From first grade to my senior year gym class, they have always been a part of my baseball journey. There are others I’m...

Sports Spotlight

Angelina Stratakos, guest columnist
November 10, 2022

Motivation. Discipline. Perseverance. These have all been prevalent skills for me during my experiences as a GBS athlete.  Although I play two very different sports, basketball and golf, they both have...

illustration by Hyun Park

Gains for Girls

Tara Wirtschoreck, asst. sports editor
November 10, 2022

Seniors Ellie Moen and Abby Muir noticed a problem whenever they lifted weights: they were almost always in a majority-male environment. Both wishing for a lifting environment surrounded by other girls,...

Fall sports preview

Fall sports preview

Madeline Hussey, co-sports editor
September 30, 2022

Tennis Sophomore Sarina Harjani started her varsity tennis season strong, maintaining a winning streak for her first few doubles matches.  “In our [first two] dual matches, we won both [of] them,”...

Photo by Leah Desserich

Variety show returns to center stage: “You Learn”

Sloane Shabelman and Madeline Hussey
February 11, 2022

The lights dim, and an audible hush falls over the crowd. Eager faces lean forward in anticipation, all eyes on the curtained stage ahead. Slowly, the curtain parts, followed by a swell of applause. A...

Illustration by Hyun Park

Rediscovering the gold in old fashion trends

Madeline Hussey, Assistant features editor
October 1, 2021

A glance inside the windows of a thrift store, a quick browse through the Macy’ssales rack, or a walk through the racks’ of reds, oranges, browns, and yellows, all prove that autumn is here. And with...

Grieving students cope with the loss of loved ones

Dani Carr and Madeline Hussey
May 21, 2021

Content warning: this story contains discussions of death. That feeling when you know you will never talk to someone again is one of the worst feelings in the world. Yet this past year, it’s become...

Illustration by Aubrey Palaganas

Players travel to fantasy lands with a simple roll of the dice

Maddie Cloutier and Madeline Hussey
April 23, 2021

A fight rages across the landscape, swords colliding and magic crackling. In the real world, players sit around a table nervously as their Dungeon Master describes the fight. The wizard attacks, his player...

Illustration by Sneha Augustine

TLC continues to offer assistance despite pandemic

Sarah Al-Jawhar and Madeline Hussey
February 12, 2021

In the weeks leading up to finals or some other big test, as we have experienced in the past, the Titan Learning Center (TLC) is packed with students as patient tutors sit beside them helping them. This...

Illustration by Aubrey Palaganas

Seal of Biliteracy opens up new cultures, communities for South students

Hailey Cho and Madeline Hussey
November 20, 2020

Language students spend hours in classrooms stumbling through vocabulary and trying to understand countless articles. Some students strive to achieve the Seal of Biliteracy which, Danita Fitch, World Languages...

Illustration by Margo Kozak

Students form community connections during pandemic through service projects

Madeline Hussey and Caroline Lo
June 12, 2020

For many, quarantine has posed several challenges. People are cut off from their families, grocery store bills continue to become more expensive and toilet paper is a scarcity. Some people have also been...

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