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Societally-encouraged casual consideration of violence harmfully desensitizes

Lilly Ludwig, columnist

April 24, 2015

We heard a pounding on the bedroom door, and the enemy began to pick the lock. Terrified, my partner and I stripped the mattress off the bed and slammed it up against the door, but the boys were stronger, and they pushed their...

Positive self-image, self-appreciation of body trumps glorified beauty ideals

Lilly Ludwig, columnist

December 19, 2014

I was on my way to yoga the other day, getting in my namaste-place, cruising in my Prius and humming to Megan Trainer’s, “All About That Bass,” when I found myself paying attention to the actual lyrics for the first time....

Ice bucket challenge dumps more harm than good

October 3, 2014

by Lilly Ludwig Near the end of August I was about ready to throw my phone out the window. I think anyone linked with any form of social media can relate to this feeling because that was when the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis...

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Lilly Ludwig