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Spotlight on South

Aditya Bhalla, guest columnist

March 15, 2019

As a senior in his waning months of high school, I have much time to reflect over my past few years here at GBS, yet little time to accomplish the things I feel I need to do before I graduate. Only now, in March, am I beginnin...

Spotlight on South

Robin Woitesek, guest columnist

February 8, 2019

Twelve inches. In my freshman year I cut off twelve inches of my hair and never in my life had a number meant so much. It’s amazing how changing one part of yourself makes the world look at you in a new way.  “Why is it so ...

Spotlight on South

Declan Hood, Nathanael Levan

December 14, 2018

Mark Dallas, the school resource officer at Dixon High School, stopped a school shooting back in May, as stated by The New York Times. After hearing gunshots, Dallas raced to the shooter and shot him once, stopping the perpetrat...

Guest Column ‘South’s Most Influential’- Julia Jakubiak

Julia Jakubiak, key club leader

February 9, 2018

Every high school student looks forward to the weekend—it’s a time to sleep in, get together with friends, or catch up on homework from last week’s procrastination. But instead of kicking back and relaxing, I’m nowhere...

South’s Most Influential

Will Dunk, Eagle Scout

November 10, 2017

As of Oct. 11, the Boy Scouts of America made the decision to begin accepting girls into their program, causing controversy in the news and ensuing debate from people of all sorts of political beliefs. Arguments range from as...

South’s Most Influential

Katie Kenner, Policy-Debate President

October 6, 2017

Before my sophomore year of high school, I viewed politics and community obligations as something intangible that wouldn’t affect me until some nebulous time in the future. But all of that changed once I began debating at G...

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