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Introversion necessitates perspective, understanding

Dana Sim, columnist

October 29, 2015

Sometimes, I get a text on Friday nights. I’m home alone watching a movie or reading a book, and this text would be my only link to the outside world. It would say something like, “Hey, come on out to the football game!...

Legitimate effort necessary in PARCC test

Dana Sim, columnist

June 21, 2015

A student settles in to take the PARCC test, but instead of carefully reading the passages and typing up a well thought-out essay, he checks in random answers and writes absolute gibberish for the essay. He’s not alone. Accord...

Gym exemptions necessary for balancing student schedules

Dana Sim, columnist

May 12, 2015

Physical education waivers have always been a topic of discussion. To a junior varsity athlete or a travel soccer player, they seem unfair. Though they might perform as well as varsity players or exercise two or three times a...

Animated movies deserving of artistic recognition

Dana Sim, columnist

April 17, 2015

The theater was over-crowded. The line was full of excited people carrying posters of their favorite stars and dressed up as the famed character. Was it another Lord of the Rings? It must be a Harry Potter release or the new H...

Tsolova set to graduate early from South

Dana Sim, Staff Reporter

February 23, 2014

Most students struggle with homework in a single English class, but junior Vassilena Tsolova manages to complete homework in not one but two English classes, which means reading 70 to 80 pages on some nights. Taking both a...

South students find inspiration, relief through garage bands

Dana Sim, staff writer

February 6, 2014

Guitar Hero was a source of influence for many young kids in middle school, according to senior Chris Neuhaus. Once the game came out, everyone wanted to play in a band. Now, in high school, students form unofficial bands and...

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