The Oracle

Finding the Beauty in Cultural Differences

Emily Blumberg, asst. opinions editor

March 16, 2020

People who I talk to will often tell me that they’re German or Irish. Some say they’re a mix of many nationalities. Others will admit that their families have been in America too long to embrace any kind of heritage. So I ask,...

Living with two cultural names leads to balance in life

Esther Lim, assistant features editor

March 16, 2020

If I’ve ever introduced myself to you, I probably introduced myself to you as “Esther.” Because, of course, that’s my name. What I probably won’t tell you upon our first meeting, however, is that “Esther” is just on...

Chicagolandia Club promotes culture

Cassidy Foronda, staff reporter

December 9, 2015

Uniform houses sit beside quiet streets with lawns well trimmed and children playing on the sidewalk: a picturesque suburbia situated only a short distance from its polar opposite. Soaring skyscrapers and busy roads, ...

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