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Artist Alert

Artist Alert

April 21, 2017

Humanities class works to create mural, inspired by Inside Out

Josie Schneider, asst. a&e editor

April 21, 2017

Filed under A&E

Portraits of many different faces, ranging in size, from life size to even bigger, pasted on building walls all through the world. This is the Inside Out project. Created by French artist and activist JR, the project works globsll...

Riverdale takes a modern twist on classic Archie comics, provides diversity while tackling tough topics

Sam Casey, sports co-editor

March 21, 2017

Filed under Opinions, Reviews

Remember the Archie Comics? The franchise got a new reboot with the Riverdale series. The comic books, falling out of popularity, attempted to modernize their brand with more diverse characters and a new television series, named...

Sarah Warner reflects on art career, leads by example

Karina Benson, Staff Reporter

March 17, 2017

Filed under A&E, Profile

Blues, greens and reds of all different shades flow across a blank white canvas. With her head bent over her work, senior Sarah Warner, AP Art student, diligently paints another feather of a Native American headdress. Warner says...

GBS TV students discuss passion for film

Ava Mazzei, staff reporter

February 23, 2017

Filed under A&E, Web Exclusives

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of Glenbrook South Television or what really happens behind the Friday morning announcements, the fall sports clips, and the famous lip dubs? Members of the broadcasting ele...

Artist Alert

Artist Alert

February 10, 2017

Drumline and color guard further their performances into the winter season

Eleanor Walsh, staff reporter

February 1, 2017

Filed under A&E, Web Exclusives

The Glenbrook population watches them from the stands at friday night football games under the bright stadium lights. They move their cars on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that the band can practice. They hear about their countless...

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