The Oracle

Teachers reminisce on past careers, previous job experience

Arianna Nufio and Maggie Engels, staff writers

April 19, 2013

Marshall Harris, English teacher and Oracle advisor, was a vendor at Wrigley Field for ten years during high school, college, and his first few years of teaching. He began working at Wrigley Field during his sophomore year of ...

4H program provides farm experience for Glenview youth

Addie Lyon, staff writer

April 19, 2013

Bailing hay and feeding cows aren’t part of an average student’s afternoon activities. 4H is a program at Wagner Farm that gives young Glenview residents a rare opportunity to experience farm life. According to Todd Price,...

Student experiences new culture, lifestyle

Maggie Engels, staff reporter

April 14, 2013

This past year, senior Nana Kwame Ingram moved to Glenview after living in Ghana, a country in West Africa, for his entire life. According to Ingram, he moved to Glenview to be with his family. “My father moved here a long time...

Classes prepare students for future career opportunities

Calli Haramaras & Ariana Nufio, staff reporters

March 11, 2013

Following the upward trend of jobs in computer-oriented fields, South offers a wide variety of classes to further prepare students for these future careers. The Oracle takes a closer look at a few.     Engineer: There...


Maddie Abrams, Camille (CJ) Park, Elisa Kim & Madison O’Brien, co-a&e editor, co-features editor, asst. features editors

March 11, 2013

From mandatory gym classes to club sports and activities, South serves as a resource for students trying to maintain healthy lifestyles. According to health teacher Courtney Kelly, however, it is a student’s responsibility to...

Classes introduce unique subjects, thinking strategies to students

Marlye Jerva, Lauren Frias, Grace Brunzell, Julianne Arnold, staff reporters

March 11, 2013

Several South classes are little-known or offer students the chance to tap into talents they might not otherwise know they possess. The Oracle features four of these classes including “Issues and Answers” taught by Daniel...

Glenbrook Evening High School provides community with opportunities, support

Addie Lyon, staff reporter

March 11, 2013

Glenbrook Evening High School (GBE) has been serving the community for 38 years as a high school option available to both students and District 225 residents who do not have a high school diploma. “[In 1975] they started...

Bigelow copes with depression through self-started knitting business

Sally You, asst. a&e editor

March 11, 2013

One in 20 teens in the United States suffer from clinical depression, which impairs one’s ability to carry on without mood disorders and changes in behavior and physical health, according to Unfortunately, many...

South teacher extends help outside of classroom

Arianna Nufio, staff reporter

February 27, 2013

"No matter where someone starts out, they will always end up where they are supposed to be." This statement describes the life of Bob Cowell, one of South's English Language Learner (ELL) Instructional Assistants. Before coming to South ei...

Students share phobias, tell effect on life

Julianne Arnold, staff writer

February 19, 2013

The feeling kicks in. First, it’s the sense of dread. The idea of helplessness fills the mind, and a sensation of fear surfaces. What follows is a realization. The spider is crawling quickly, and it’s coming closer. Many...

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