The Oracle

South students pursue discipline of ballet dancing

Zoe Delis, asst. a&e editor

November 15, 2019

Lacing up her worn-in pointe shoes, senior Jennifer Listerman prepares for her highly-anticipated winter performance of the Nutcracker. Dancenter North has become a second home for Listerman, as she is there at least 20 hours ever...

Students download Tik Tok for fun; gain fame

Violet Guzman-Robles and Brendan Wolf

October 4, 2019

Take a short stroll down the halls during block three at any given time at South and there are a few things that will always be there: tables fundraising in the middle of the hallway, Frank Stankowitz talking to students in the hall, and students making Tik Toks...

Del Rey paints American Dream in latest album

Tommy Marquardt, asst. sports editor

October 4, 2019

The best songwriters possess the rare ability to say more in a four-minute song than most can say in their entire lives. These select few can articulate the musings of an entire generation in a way that paints a picture of a ...

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