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Violet Guzman-Robles
My name is Violet Guzman-Robles and I’m a junior and the co-a&e editor this year. I’ve been on Oracle since my second semester freshman year and I am very excited to continue to be a part of it. When I’m not at layout for the Oracle, I can often be found in the TLC tutoring and at Model U.N. meetings as well as South’s SOAR club. Very occasionally I’ll be found on a stage being as dramatic as I always want to be without judgment. My biggest pet peeve is when people say they’d rather be too cool than too warm and they justify it by saying it’s easier to warm up than to cool down but that essentially just means they would rather be warm.

Violet Guzman-Robles, co-a&e editor

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Violet Guzman-Robles