Bass Fishing Club flourishes in first year

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Bass Fishing Club flourishes in first year

photo courtesy of Justin Zummo

photo courtesy of Justin Zummo

photo courtesy of Justin Zummo

Katherine Schurer, staff reporter

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The South Bass Fishing Club held its first co-hosted tournament with Loyola on April 28 and placed in 1st and 5th, according to Sponsor Justin Zummo. The club started last fall and has since been available to all students at South.

Zummo says he was very excited to sponsor the club because of his long-time passion for fishing.

“Fishing is my passion outside of school and I wanted to share that passion with the students here at South,” Zummo said. “I was an assistant coach for fishing at [the last school I taught at], so it was a dream of mine to start my own team at GBS.”

According to junior Stavros Lahanis, the team has made a presence at multiple tournaments, especially the IHSA Sectional where they placed 2nd and 9th.

“We have had several tournaments like the Loyola Invitational, the IHSA Sectional Tournament [and] we also have had practice days that we’ve met up with Loyola and had a small tournament,” Lahanis said.

The club is year-round although the tournaments are held in the spring. Zummo says club members focus on meetings and practices when they aren’t preparing for a tournament.

“We have meetings to learn new tactics, watch a film, and plan for fundraising,” Zummo said. “We have whole team practices and invitational practices and even tried ice fishing for the first time this year.”

Lahanis commends Zummo’s commitment to the club and everything he does to make it possible.

“[Zummo] is always there for us and does anything he can to solve our problems,” Lahanis said. “He is really dedicated to the club and that is the main reason why we are able to do everything. He has helped everyone in our journey in fishing and is always willing to show us new techniques and ways to fish.”

However, Zummo credits this great season to the members and the dedication they bring to the club.

“I owe the success of our team and organization to my members,” Zummo said. “They are the lifeline of everything we do. I appreciate them so much for coming out, working hard and sharing resources and knowledge with each other.”

In the future, Lahanis says he hopes to see the club grow and engage in more tournaments. The team is also hoping to raise enough money to buy its own boat.

“The club is relatively young and has not had the time to reach its full potential,” Lahanis said. “I would like to see more people getting involved, going to more tournaments, and get some companies to sponsor us and support our journey in fishing.”

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