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South’s Chess Club fosters unique experiences, intellectual growth

Hannah Buchband and Savera Zulfiqar

March 1, 2016

For some South students, learning to play chess can be a new and challenging experience. South’s Chess Club is filled with those that are passionate about fostering this unique experience for all students that may be intereste...

Wysocki modernizes new Shakespeare Club

Joey Sewall, staff reporter

February 16, 2016

To be or not to be in Shakespeare Club? That is the question.  English teacher Robert Wysocki has decided to take the new position of sponsor of Shakespeare Club. Wysocki aims to reboot the club and focus on making it less inti...

Star Wars films inspire many, unite generations

Lauren Frias and Nick Moran

February 8, 2016

The room is dimly lit, and silence falls upon the audience in the theater. The quiet ambiance is quickly disrupted by a blaring trumpet fanfare, and an all too familiar yellow font fills the blank theater screen reading: “Star Wars...

Glenbrook Transition Services present at state and international conferences

Maeve Plunkett, staff reporter

December 21, 2015

Glenbrook District Transition Services teachers represented their work with transition students at the Illinois Statewide Transition Conference in Chicago, IL and International Transition Conference in Portland, OR on ...

Introversion necessitates perspective, understanding

Dana Sim, columnist

October 29, 2015

Sometimes, I get a text on Friday nights. I’m home alone watching a movie or reading a book, and this text would be my only link to the outside world. It would say something like, “Hey, come on out to the football game!...

Q&A with Niam

Q&A with Niam

October 2, 2015

South students share varying political views

Erica Gelman, staff writer

July 5, 2015

Teen years, a time frame of aging in which humans begin to develop their own viewpoints, gain and build upon their voices. This is evident at South. Mixed within the hundreds of students is a melting pot of different, thriving pol...

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