The Oracle

Undertow offers offbeat sound

Ben Olson, columnist

April 21, 2017

I was a mere nine years old when I discovered the world of music. I sat down every day at my computer and digested websites containing music reviews and jotted down ones that looked interesting or fit my taste. Most were acclaime...

The Search for Everything explores many genres

Anne Marie Yurik, co-editor-in-chief

April 21, 2017

Some of the best things come in groups: socks, cookies and John Mayer’s new album, The Search for Everything. In a world when media binging is the norm, the release of the album in three waves forced fans to have some self-con...

Riverdale takes a modern twist on classic Archie comics, provides diversity while tackling tough topics

Sam Casey, sports co-editor

March 21, 2017

Remember the Archie Comics? The franchise got a new reboot with the Riverdale series. The comic books, falling out of popularity, attempted to modernize their brand with more diverse characters and a new television series, named...

Chief Keef falls short of expectations

Anushka Kalra, asst. news editor

February 10, 2017

Chicago native Keith Cozart, better known by his stage name, Chief Keef, recently dropped an album titled Two Zero One Seven, a homage to the new year–although some of the lyrics probably should have stayed in 2016. The album co...

Middy Mags is worth a try

Anne Marie Yurik, co-editor-in-chief

February 10, 2017

Although some people find frisbees of cheese, sauce, crust and optional toppings (aka pizza) the epitome of party food, I cannot say that I love it–I find pizza mediocre at best. I am not a big pizza fan, so when I ventured ou...

The xx unable to reach full potential

Ben Olson, staff reporter

February 10, 2017

The xx are an unusual band. They’re way too pop to be indie and way too indie to be pop. They should’ve died out a long time ago. Yet, both popists and indieheads continue to enjoy the synth-lead music of Jamie Smith and the...

A Series of Unfortunate Events hits Netflix

Katie Cavender, co-editor-in-chief

February 10, 2017

We’ve all had a day where it feels like nothing was going right. Maybe you forgot to write a works cited page for your essay, then tripped over your shoelaces and face-planted in the hallway, then got back a failing test grade, a...

Edge of Seventeen provides insight on teenage years

Cassidy Jackson, co-a&e editor

December 16, 2016

Milestones make up each and every birthday, whether it be entering the double digits of age at 10 or stepping into the jungle of high school at 14. But what’s 17’s milestone? Nothing. Seventeen years old is the unpleasant mi...

King Charles III puts a fresh, modern spin on bard Shakespeare

Sasha Vassilyeva, co-opinions editor

December 16, 2016

An auditorium quiet enough to hear a pin drop, dimmed lights, a nearly bare stage with just a regal casket and the Union Jack hanging from the ceiling. Three men in military uniforms followed by two women wearing all black sta...

Over the Garden Wall invokes youthful fear, adventure

Nick Moran, co-editor-in-chief

November 4, 2016

When you’re a teenager, you look back toward a childhood of awe and bliss, hoping to relive an era of imagination and firsts. Growing up, for some of us, we shift into a world of worries and personal insecurities, a stark diffe...

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