The Oracle

Students and teachers recall unique weddings of friends and family

Victoria Sunkel, staff writer

May 24, 2013

The clack of the white horse’s hooves on pavement is impossible to hear over the cheers from the crowd in front of the museum. The man atop the horse, dressed in traditional Indian formal wear, maneuvers through a pathway of...

South students celebrate Persian/Muslim holiday: Norouz

Kiersten Teresi, staff writer

May 22, 2013

Jumping over fire. Attending festivals and parades. Coloring eggs. Celebrating for days on end. These are just some of the things that characterize Norouz. Norouz is a Shia-Muslim/Persian holiday that starts in the beginning...

South students share about their exotic pets

Nish Asokan, staff reporter

May 21, 2013

Just as students across South prove themselves to be multi-dimensional with their participation in a range of activities, the student body's adventurous spirit also applies to pet ownership. Junior Celia Grabil-Sulski owns a...

Books Brighten the Lives of Austin Elementary Students

Kiersten Teresi and Dana Sim, staff reporters

May 16, 2013

Most students cringe when they think of spending mass amounts of time with reading material. However, for the students of John Hay Community Academy in Chicago, a visit from Zack Saltzman, who started the volunteer project of...

Students take advantage of ninth period internship course to discover passion

Lauren Frias, staff writer

May 13, 2013

As the end of the year approaches, the impending necessity to make career choices becomes more evident for high school students. With the unclear future ahead, students may have an apprehensive mindset.  However, with the offer...

Bream enjoys working in nature through his summer job at the grove

Julianne Arnold, staff writer

May 5, 2013

Imagine a part-time job where being outside and sharing the joy of nature are part of your daily routine. For senior Austin Bream, working at the Grove is just that. Located in Glenview, the Grove is a National Historic Landmark i...

Explanation to understand students who habitually fall asleep during class

Olivia Day, staff writer

April 30, 2013

A student closes his eyes for just a second, resting them. He puts his head in his hand to momentarily alleviate the load. Slowly, he finds himself drifting in and out of conscious...

Who are your friends?

CJ Park and Shea Anthony, co-features editor and asst. features editor

April 19, 2013

The Oracle conducted an investigative experiment by creating a Facebook identity under the name of “Sarah Letterman” and sending requests to South students in order to collect data on students’ online leniency concerni...

South students take AP tests without enrolling in AP classes

Hailey Hauldren and Dani Tuchman, staff writers

April 19, 2013

At the end of the year, Advanced Placement (AP) students put what they’ve learned to the test when taking the infamous AP exams. While many believe taking an AP exam after a year of covering material is difficult enough, some...

Peer mentors provide engaging learning environment for students with special needs

Calli Haramaras, staff writer

April 19, 2013

While capturing the mind and interest of a large portion of South’s student body, the highly interactive peer mentor program has continued on the rising path after years of fluctuation. What started with just three handpicked...

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