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Mayor Rahm Emanuel fails to right serious wrongs

Evan Sawires, co-opinions editor

February 5, 2016

So far, it’s been a rough term for Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. Despite his campaign’s huge financial advantage, the famously arrogant New Trier grad was re-elected by a mere 12 percentage points last February, according to ...

Best of 2015

Evan Sawires, co-opinions editor

December 18, 2015

Co-opinions editor Evan Sawires reviews her top tracks of 2015. “Solace” by Earl Sweatshirt The first time I heard this 10-minute track, I was in bed in the dark with headphones in at 1 a.m. I think that’s how this s...

Earl Sweatshirt combines ingenuous approach, authentic lyrical expression

Evan Sawires, asst. opinions editor

April 24, 2015

When Earl Sweatshirt’s first commercial album, Doris, was released in 2013, its style was something of a surprise. Poetic, introspective and occasionally amelodic, it avoided the lyrical thrills of his debut mixtape, Earl, ...

NYPD act of protest at funeral displays ignorance

Evan Sawires, asst. opinions editor

February 6, 2015

We all remember Officer Friendly. Throughout our years in elementary school, he/she came in every so often with some pretty solid suggestions on how to survive the streets of Glenview: don’t open the door for strangers when...

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