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Glenview susceptible to crime despite “Bubble”

Dani Tuchman, asst. opinions editor

November 8, 2013

When someone from out of state asks me where I’m from, I usually give the broad answer, “Chicago.” Immediately, this person thinks of stereotypes associated with Chicago: Lou Malnati’s deep-dish pizza, a cursed baseball...

Reliving memories of middle school bullying allows for self-reflection

Julia Jacobs, asst. opinions editor

April 19, 2013

“What was the worst time in your life?” I asked senior Danielle Finnegan. Without hesitation she answered, “middle school”, as I expected she would.  If I could, I too would stuff middle school into a shoebox, jump up...

Is dance a sport? Opposing perspectives from dancer and football player

Julia Jacobs, asst. opinions

February 1, 2013

After four years of playing AYSO soccer I scored a total of zero goals. As the coach, my dad rotated me through forward, midfield and defense, yet I revealed no prodigious talent in any position. In my first 15 minutes as goalie...

The Hobbit: thrilling action and timeless storytelling strike perfect balance

Julia Jacobs, asst. opinions

December 21, 2012

Though I’ve always yearned to be a part of the Tolkein fandom, I’m not going to pretend I went to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey sporting slightly pointed ears and shoeless feet. In truth, it took me months to trudge t...

Rowling’s entrance into adult fiction compelling yet overwhelming

Julia Jacobs, co-opinions editor

November 9, 2012

In her debut adult novel, The Casual Vacancy, J.K. Rowling takes a Hagrid-sized leap from wands, wizards and an epic prophecy to the inner-drama surrounding the death of a Parish councilor. The plot initially seemed drab; the intr...

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