Kuhn continues softball career at Indiana University

Tess Leden, staff reporter

This year will be the third that Senior Carolyn Kuhn has played softball for South. Kuhn has been on the Varsity team since sophomore year.

“I didn’t play softball for GBS freshman year, so this is my third year […].” Kuhn said. “My freshman year I actually played lacrosse, so I still played softball in the summer.”

According to Kuhn, she had been playing softball since she was eight. She had played various sports from a young age, and softball stuck with her. If anyone, Kuhn says, her parents had inspired her to take up softball.

“I really like the mental side of the game and the team aspect of it; it’s a cool sport because so much of it is a mental game, like when you’re at bat, but it involves a whole team coming together and working towards one goal,” Kuhn said.

According to teammate Julia Sultz, Kuhn is sportsmanlike and a great team player. She maintains a positive energy; whether it’s during a game or in the hallways at school, Kuhn always has a smile on her face.

“If you want to look at the perfect example of sportsmanship, that’s Carolyn[…],” Sultz said. “She connects with everyone on the team and just helps make the team a team; she’s the perfect teammate.” Not only is Kuhn a good teammate, she is also adept at the game itself, according to Sultz. The fact that she was on varsity all three years of playing is a testament to her skill.

“She threw a girl out from a straight throw from center field, and it was one of those moments when I was just standing there in the outfield frozen in awe [at] her ability,” Sultz said.

Dana Boehmer, head varsity softball coach, has been an assistant softball coach for the last five years, and will be head varsity coach for the first time this year. She has never directly coached Kuhn in softball but has known her and coached her in field hockey. According to Boehmer, a valuable team member is someone who is positive, hardworking, selfless and willing to do whatever it takes to improve the team.

“I like the way she’s stepped up; she’s a really hard worker [with a] positive attitude,” Boehmer said.

This coming season, Boehmer intends to lead the team to do better than before. According to Boehmer, eight players are returning, and she is excited to coach new players.

“They had their ups and downs last season, [but] […] I know they want to improve, it wasn’t the best record they’ve had,” Boehmer said.

According to Kuhn, she plans on furthering her career in softball. She was accepted to Indiana University, and will continue to play softball there.

“I had always wanted to go to Indiana, so when I started the recruiting process, I really focused on Indiana[…],” Kuhn said. “It’s fortunate that I get to play there. I committed in the beginning of my junior year, so that’s the only school I really applied for.”

Therefore, this fall Kuhn will be starting at Indiana University. According to Kuhn, there are several emotions going into play now.

“I’m excited, but I’m also pretty nervous to leave behind what I know,” Kuhn said. “[…] I’m excited and looking forward to playing for Indiana softball. I’ve already met a lot of girls who are going there, and a lot of the coaches, so it’s kind of already a mini family.”

For now, however, the team as a whole is focusing on getting through this coming season and improving from last season, according to Boehmer. Kuhn, Sultz and six other players will be returning from last year’s team, and Boehmer is currently preparing for the season to begin.

“I’m excited to coach her on the field and see what she does with softball[…],” Boehmer said. “She’s going to be a great leader on our team this year.”

Jacqueline DeWitt
Sprinting to first base, Kuhn looks to make a run against Vernon Hills her sophomore season in 2015. Kuhn will continue her success on the field at Indiana University, according to Kuhn.