Spring Sports Preview: A glance at Titan athletics 2015 Edition

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Men’s Volleyball:

Key Players: Paul Rafalo and Sam Manzella

Under the Radar: Alex Freidinger

Young Gun: Jack Sullivan

The men’s volleyball team is determined to come back stronger than ever after last year’s loss in the regional finals, according to senior Wes Blodig. Blodig said that the team hopes to focus on coming together after playing on different club teams during the off season. Blodig said the team will work on perfecting their skills, which will help them place as high as they can at conference. Paul Rafalo, Sam Manzella, and Alex Freidinger will be key contributors this season, according to Blodig. The team’s goal is to develop as a whole on and off the court and to have a record that demonstrates more wins than losses, according to Blodig.

Women’s Water Polo:

Key Players: Sammi Wykurz, Rachel Spector, Dana Grad,

Diana Capota and Anna Hofmockel

Under the Radar:  Kelly Klish

Young Guns: Nikki Lopatinsky and Maddie McMillan

The women’s water polo team is hoping to build off of last season’s “growth year”, which consisted of learning a new system, according to head coach Mike Stancik. During the off season, the team gained new members due to the recruitment of women’s swim team, Stancik said. The water polo team has five key players that will bring experience, size and maturity; seniors Sammi Wykurz, Rachel Spector, Dana Grad, Diana Capota and Anna Hofmockel, according to Stancik. Stancik said that the team’s goal is to work on building their ability to move the ball  around the perimeter and focus on increasing their offensive production. The team looks to continue to work hard towards future success.

Men’s Water Polo:

Key Players: Davis Hianik, Danny Dragman and Jordan Spalding

Under the Radar: Peter Dales

Young Gun: Brendan Chang

The men’s water polo team is ready to be a strong contestant this season, with the addition of great talent, according to senior captain Davis Hianik. The team’s ultimate goal for this year is to win conference and sectional final, and make it to state, Hianik said. This season’s team consists of mostly juniors, Hianik said, and pointed out the key players, who are seniors  Peter Dales, Danny Dragman and Jordan Spalding. The Titans are working hard to improve their defensive game this year and are excited to kick off the upcoming season, Hianik said.

Men’s Gymnastics:

Key Players: Jeremy Fine, Michal Cymbalisty and

Konrad Michalak

Under the Radar: Stephen Clare and Ryan Fontillas

Young Guns: Jacob Fine and Lucas Pauker

With many returning varsity members from last season, the South men’s gymnastics team looks to have much more depth and experience, according to head coach Brandon Tucker. The team last year finished fifth in the conference meet, and Tucker expects the team to improve on strength, conditioning and focus. Tucker also hopes for the team to improve and refine their skills each week. The five seniors on the team that are returning with additional experience look to have an impact on the teams performance. The seniors include Jeremy Fine, Michal Cymbalisty, Konrad Michalak, Stephen Clare and Ryan Fontillas. Key underclassmen are sophomore Jacob Fine and freshman Lucas Pauker.


Key Players: Annie Stavins, Corinne Arcos, Alyssa Carasotti, Natalie Hayes and Casey Coletta

Under the Radar: Lisa Gebien

Young Gun: Madelyn Yoo

Although the women’s softball team lost eleven seniors from last season, the team is ready to compete this year, according to junior pitcher Natalie Hayes. Hayes said that this season’s team will consist of many players who were also on the Glenview Titans travel team. Hayes said this will create a strong dynamic and generate good chemistry amongst the players. Key players such as seniors Annie Stavins, Corinne Arcos, juniors Alyssa Carasotti and Casey Coletta will bring experience to the team. Lisa Gebien and Madelyn Yoo are expected to be game-changers this season, according to senior Corinne Arcos. The team hopes to succeed in using the abilities they already possess, which will help them build a stronger skill set together in the end, Hayes said.


Men’s Lacrosse:

Key Players: EJ Reynolds, McLain Murphy, Quinn Conaghan,

Jack Schiltz, Luke Howland, Johnny Savino, Nate Stadler, Chris Clifford, Mason Lee and Jack Miller

Under the Radar: Alex Ferrone and Patrick Garden

Young Guns: Alex Ferrone, Jack Nowlin and Alex Jura

The men’s lacrosse team is expected to come into the season with a new group of talented players, according to junior captain McLain Murphy. Murphy also mentioned that the team set a goal of having a better record than last year and the upperclassmen stepping up to become real leaders. The team has multiple returning varsity players, and new players that will increase the team’s potential for success. Some key players that are expected to change the team include junior EJ Reynolds, senior Quinn Conaghan, senior Jack Schiltz, junior Nate Stadler, senior Chris Clifford, and senior Mason Lee. According to Murphy, this new talented squad gives the team a much better chance of making a run for the playoffs than last year.

Men’s Track and Field:

Key Players: Peter Wassman and Henry Dickholtz

Under the Radar: Gavin Cernek and Timothy Nowak

Young Gun: Jack Kelly

Losing four out of the five top point scorers from last season’s team, the South track team looks to fill those shoes, according to head coach Kurt Hasenstein. The team’s main goal is to finish in the top half of conference for every level, Hasenstein said. The team consists of many dominating underclassmen, but also key runners in the senior class, such as Peter Wassman and Henry Dickholtz as well as returning players such as Gavin Cernek, Timothy Nowak and George Tantchev. After earning fourth place in conference last season, Hasenstein believes that if the team works hard, they’ll achieve what they’ve been striving for.

Women’s Soccer:

Key Players: Kaily Bruch, Olivia Peters, Madison Kane and

Lauren Brennan

Under the Radar: Addie Lyon and Abby Brown

Young Gun: Lily Sands

With many players returning from last year’s roster, the women’s soccer team aspires to have a really strong season, according to senior Lauren Brennan. Head coach Seong Ha said that they always talk about being a family, so the team is a very tight knit group with a great base of girls who believe in each other. According to Brennan, it is helpful to the team’s dynamic that many of the girls play on a travel team together. The team has aims to beat New Trier and Loyola, and to achieve this goal they have been practicing and attending open gyms, Brennan said. Brennan said that some key contributors this season include All-State player Kaily Bruch, Madison Kane, and all-conference defender junior Olivia Peters. According to Ha, one thing he enjoys about the team is the absence of a superstar on the roster; rather, the team has lots of depth and speed which makes other teams have difficulty contesting.

Men’s Tennis:

Key Players: Gavin McClanahan and Danny Colombo

Under the Radar: Vadik Bagdasarian

Young Guns: Sebastien DesRoberts and Bryce McClanahan

The men’s tennis team strives to have a stronger team bond with the help of this season’s seniors as motivators, according to senior Vadik Bagdasarian. Bagdasarian said that the team has had to overcome the weather conditions which have been preventing them from using the tennis courts. Instead, they have been having 6:30 a.m. practices at the indoor Glenbrook Racquet Club. According to Bagdasarian, the team is also aiming to improve on their serving in order to play well against tough competition such as New Trier, Hindsdale and Loyola.


Key Players: Fitz Stadler, George Karavidas and

Ben Samborn

Under the Radar: Connor Pauly

Young Gun: Cameron Pauly

After a successful season last spring, the men’s baseball team hopes to win conference and make it far into sectionals and regionals, according to junior Jordan Libman. Libman said that during the season last year, there was a good depth of pitching and hitting, so this year they will look for leadership in those categories and for everyone to work together. A few key players that will be leading the team include seniors Fitz Stadler, George Karavidas and Ben Samborn.They will also look to Stadler, Karavidas and senior Connor Pauly to lead the team in pitching, according to Libman. Libman said that sophomore Cameron Pauly is a strong addition to the team, and they will rely on contributions from the junior class in the outfield. Libman believes this year’s team will be an important part of the program’s history.

Women’s Lacrosse:

Key Players: Autumn Koh, Breck Murphy,

Jane Brennan, Olivia Eigel, Ellie Haramaras,

Katie Maher, Maggie Ziegler, Noreen Andersen and Emily Sonneborn

Under the Radar: Sarah McDonagh

Young Guns: Macy McPhilliamy and Perri Stewart

The women’s lacrosse team this year will be coming back with a lot of experience, according to head coach Annie Lesch. The team will have a cohort of returning varsity players from the senior class, such as seniors Autumn Koh, Breck Murphy, Jane Brennan, Ellie Haramaras and Olivia Eigel. According to Lesch, the team needs to improve on fitness and to increase confidence against the best teams. After winning fourth in state last season, Lesch believes the team can succeed in their main goal of winning state. The women’s success will be affected by the underclassmen, such as Sarah McDonagh, Macy McPhilliamy and Perri Stewart, Lesch noted.


Key Players: Sara Kuramitsu, Chloe Farber,

Catie Weinman, Tina James and Shana Michael

Under the Radar: Hannah Rauh and Ashley Clark

Young Guns: Michelle Omega and Sophia Lau

After a successful season last spring, the women’s badminton team is determined to make it to state this year, according to junior Tina James. James said that the team wishes to place higher than last season’s fourth place finish. Accordng to James, during the off season the team worked hard to create a stronger bond in order to perform better on the court. The team’s key players consist of seniors Sara Kuramitsu, Chloe Farber, Catie Weinman and Shana Michael. According to Kuramitsu, the team’s goal is to be models of great sportsmanship and overall have a winning season. The team also hopes to fulfill Coach Kimura’s advice, “Keep going and keep fighting,” according to James.

Women’s Track and Field:

Key Players: Jazzia Ubeid, Sarah Swierczek, Maddy Eenigenburg and

Shannon Carroll

Under the Radar: Katelyn Luckey,

Colleen Davenport, Appy Wielgus and Rose O’Grady

Young Gun: Lizzie Shaw

The women’s track and field team aims to strengthen their team bond this season and encourage each other more during meets in order to compete better, according to junior Katelyn Luckey. Luckey says that with the addition of many underclassmen, the team has more potential for this season. According to Luckey, everyone has goals for this season, and the team members are willing to do whatever needed to achieve those goals.







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