After Further Review… South spirit is shaken

Photo courtesy of Matt Gumbiner

John Adkisson, co-sports editor

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When people think of school spirit, images of crazy fans all wearing the same colors and singing the same songs often come to mind.
While South students have been exceptional in showing school spirit the past few years, it seems to be lacking during this year’s 50th anniversary.  The passion for everything Titan, which seemed to once course through South’s veins, just isn’t there anymore.

It all starts with the spirit days. Since my freshmen year, Friday has been blue and gold Friday; no ifs, ands or buts. So, where is it now? The gold rush game against Maine South, our biggest game of the year, with the conference title on the line, and about three people wore gold to school. You simply can’t expect your team to be motivated to win when you’re not showing any enthusiasm whatsoever.

This leads me to my next point: the football games. The spirit for football games started relatively high early in the year, but after the GBS-GBN game, nothing compares. Last year, almost every game was like the GBS-GBN game. Why can’t it be like that this year? At the Homecoming game,there were two rows of students. Two rows. Girls, put down the make-up and support your school.

That’s not to say that there haven’t been high points. The 5 a.m. pep rally had a good turn out, but it shouldn’t take cameras and the news to get kids to show their spirit.

Also, the aforementioned crosstown classic was undoubtedly spirited. For everyone to stand out in the rain was great. Even greater were the three seniors who, in the cold rain, sported the USA body paint. While this was a great display of spirit, it needs to be done every game. Where are people like The Milkmen? (See caption.) Keeping traditions like that alive is the first step to bring South back to the glory days.

The worst part of it all is that football is our most spirited sport. Soccer quietly had its best season since 2005, winning a regional title, without much support to show for it. Volleyball won a regional title, without much support to show for it. The swim team is poised to land a top ten spot in State, and potential national championships, without much support to show for it. South has proven to be a sports mecca this fall, but it seems as if no one knew.

Say what you will, but South spirit is at a low point right now. I have never seen school spirit this absent, especially when we have all the tools for it: winning teams, a Pep Club and thousands of students.

The Pep Club has been trying hard to have students show their Titan pride. Dr. Jim Shellard, assistant principal in charge of student activities, and the pep club leaders have been as wild on the announcements and the field as ever before.

I commend the students who consistently show Titan pride, but it just isn’t enough. Bring other people into it, and South will rise again.
But please, please. Prove me wrong. Show your spirit.

After Further Review…
The call on the field is

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