The Oracle holiday gift guide

Tara Wirtschoreck, asst. features editor

For the sweet tooth: Custom Chocolate box


Chocolate makes a delicious gift, and Fannie-May is one of the best chocolate brands out there. A personalized box is great for a picky sweet tooth because you can choose the flavors. It’s the perfect treat to eat in one sitting, or to savor long after the holidays. 

(, $29.99)


For the cook: mini cutting board

This cutting board is a helpful space saver because of its small size. The bright colors help create an inviting kitchen. It’s perfect for anyone who is looking to spice up their cooking routine, or beginners who are looking for a way to make the kitchen fun. (, $32)


For the history buff: The Splendid and the Vile

In The Splendid and the Vile, Erik Larson paints a picture of the Churchill family’s domestic life throughout the Blitz, during World  War II when London was under intense bombing from Nazi Germany. This book sheds new light on history by illustrating the personal lives of people we often view in a much more impersonal light. (, $15.25)


For the journaler: Wellness Journal

The Wellness Journal has space for intentions, goals, wish lists, meals, and gratitude, with over 200 Instagramable covers to choose from. It’s perfect for someone who wants to keep their life organized. This journal makes it easy for anyone and everyone to take time to work on themselves. (, starting at $32.99)


For the gym rat: Blender Bottle

This bottle is perfect for someone who is into healthy eating because the blender ball at the bottom makes it easy to mix protein powders and other supplements into a drink. With this bottle, someone with a busy schedule can get the nutrition they need while they are on the go. (, $9.99)


For the music lover: Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates music. It has ad-free music, the ability to download and play music offline, and unlimited skips, so it will make a music-lovers day, whether they’re a boy band fanatic or serious album buff. (, starting at $9.99/month)