South students partake in job opportunities at Glenview Park District

Sinead Heneghan, staff reporter

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Of the number of South students that work during the school year, some students work jobs offered through the Glenview Park District (GPD). From lifeguarding, scoring basketball games and planning birthday parties, South students work a wide variety of jobs that are available for high school students.

One of these students is junior Mary Langas. She is a scorekeeper for the youth basketball league through the Glenview Park District.

“I like basketball and my sister plays through the league right now, so it’s fun to watch the kids play,” Langas said.

Langas works on Sundays for four hours per shift. She enjoys her job and likes how her work schedule is flexible and doesn’t get in the way of her school work, according to Langas.

“The best part of my job is watching the intense coaches getting really into the games; especially when they coach first grade boys,” Langas said.

Junior Jamie Deal works through the GPD’s Splash Landings as a youth swim instructor. She chose this job because she is on the South swim team and wanted to teach other kids the correct technique and stroke, according to Deal.

“I decided to work [at the GPD] because my cousin worked there and told me that it was a great job,” Deal said.

According to Deal, the block schedule this year has helped her manage work and school easier. Since her schedule is flexible, she works four times a week.

“I try to work on the weekends in the morning so I have the rest of the day to do other things or hang out with my friends,” Deal said.

According to Deal, the kids she instructs understand and benefit from the swim lessons and she loves to see them come back session after session.

“The best part of [my job] is when a kid gets tested at the end of the session,” Deal said. “It’s awesome to see a kid pass the test and move on to the next level.”

Junior Hannah Mason also works at the GPD as a birthday party planner. According to Mason, she loves being a part of the GPD community.

“I thought [working through the GPD] would be a nice way to get in touch with the community,” Mason said. “I also like being able to see people from school that work here. It’s also close and familiar, so I thought it would be a good fit for me.”

According to Mason, one of her favorite parts about the job is having the opportunity to work and play with the kids.

“I love being able to celebrate [children’s] birthdays with them because I know from when I was a kid that it’s one of the biggest moments of the year,” Mason said.

Despite only working weekends, Mason explains that sometimes her job can get in the way of her school work and social life. Mason loves how great the work staff is, and how close they have become while working together every weekend.

“My favorite part is if there is a party that’s small or dragging a little bit, we put on music and dance with the kids and get them up and moving,” Mason said.

Junior Emily Abrams is one of the many South students that works though the GPD at Splash Landings as a lifeguard.

“I wanted to be a lifeguard because during the summer I wanted to be in the sun, and I also wanted to become more responsible in my life,” Abrams said.

Being a lifeguard takes a lot of focus, responsibility and awareness to do the job safely, according to Abrams.

“You need to be aware of who’s in your zone […] and be on your game every time you’re in the chair because you’re liable for other people’s lives,” Abrams said.

Abrams likes her job and everyone who works there and explained that she has made many friends through her job.

“During the summer I did a few night services and when we finished our CPR training we would be able to go off the platforms and have fun with the staff once all of our training was done,” Abrams said.

According to Abrams, she would encourage the lifeguarding position to anyone who likes to swim and is responsible.

“It’s a great environment and really fun to meet new people through the pool and inservices,” Abrams said.

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