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Sister cheerleaders reach great heights

Chris Callahan & Jerin Saji, Staff Reporters

January 2, 2012

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Flipping hand over hand, being tossed into the air....not as easy as it may seem. But for varsity cheerleaders Kara and Kaylee Sherman, it’s all in a day’s work. Both of them have their reasons for joining cheerleading. “When...

Tiedman Sisters Team Together

Ethan Spalding and Ben Kraus, staff reporters

December 9, 2011

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Many sports have siblings who perform on high levels at the same time. The NFL has the Manning brothers. Tennis has the Williams sisters. Baseball has the Upton brothers. And this past season, South volleyball had the Tiedman...

An Asset to Glenbrook South: Amelia Alpert

Anna Hofmockel and Rosie Kelly, staff reporters

December 9, 2011

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"In the SAO, there isn’t really an average day,” Amelia Alpert, secretary in the Student Activities Office (SAO), said. “[…] The day is pretty much wide open.” Alpert’s life in the SAO is never dull. The only sure...

Pep Club shows all how to “come out and support us”

Emily Mitchell, Staff Reporter

December 8, 2011

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For 50 years, Glenbrook South has been "washing" other schools' teams "in the river" and cheering their own teams on to victory.  From the "Titancrumble" to the new "South!" cheer made up this year, the spirit continues to evolve. ...

Crazed for Energy

Rosie Nash, Staff Reporter

December 4, 2011

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The tall black and lime green can sits in the cup holder of the teenager’s car, the small orange bottle swooshes in the student’s lower backpack pocket, and the thin blue checkered can lays chilled in the athlete’s bag....

Capota moves from Romania to further swimming career

Rachel Chmielinski & Kristin Lynch, staff reporters

December 2, 2011

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Five months ago, freshman Diana Capota would find herself waking up to a glorious sunrise in Romania, dodging floating obstacles while swimming through a grungy, green-water pool. Today, she is a varsity swimmer at South. Capota...

Setting the stage: Winship plays an integral role in South productions

Kelly Anderson & Olivia Day, staff reporters

December 2, 2011

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After school in the auditorium… a yelled command… the pounding of nails on wood. Auditorium manager Rich Winship descends the spiral staircase to face the hustle and bustle of an afternoon with stage crew, yet again. Winship...

GBS: Nothing without our very own WGBK 88.5

Jeff Collins, columnist

November 19, 2011

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           As anyone who goes to Glenbrook South can tell you, this is a very special year. It is the 50th anniversary of our dear school, As anyone who goes to Glenbrook South can tell you, this is a very special year. ...

Umphrey’s McGee: Death By Stereo Review

Brad Lanphere, music critic

November 1, 2011

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As the volume increases and the instruments become distinct, the music stops briefly only to be interrupted by the soft voice of lead singer Brendan Bayliss and a heavy synthesizer. This, my friends, is the beginning of the latest...

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