The Oracle

A day in the life of a straight-up scumbag

Bailey Rose, co-web editor

November 4, 2011

Waddup brah? So yesterday was Friday, the best damn day of the week... except for maybe Saturday. But seriously, this Friday was mad decent. When I first got up I could just tell it was gonna be totally chill. The morning started...

Reality TV down for the count in battle against classics

Jeff Collins, staff reporter

November 4, 2011

Below mimes, the lowest form of entertainment has to be reality television. Now don’t get me wrong, I love television. I love nothing better than going home and watching a good show, but reality shows just don’t fall into...

South’s steadfast athletes stand by principles

September 30, 2011

Going against the social “norm” in order to stand by one’s beliefs can be a difficult thing to do. High school is often identified as a time where peer pressure can affect decision-making and trying to “fit in” is...

Ratemyteachers: more than just bashing

September 30, 2011

Every August, students wait expectantly for a friend’s schedule to appear on their Facebook news feed before rushing to HomeLogic to see who their teachers will be for the upcoming school year. Upon discovering whose clas...

Parental encouragement is key to ambition and success

Chris Altonji, columnist

September 30, 2011

Imagine you’re lying on your purple-felt couch, under a big warm blanket, watching “Looney Tunes” (this may be bringing back memories of your childhood but I’m actually thinking about last Thursday night). Now imagine...

Kairos trades secrets as well as life lessons

Thomas Pollick, columnist

September 30, 2011

“I can’t talk much about it,” I remember my friend Helen Humphrey* telling me on her first week back from Kairos. It was almost as if she was deliberately trying to be mysterious. I waited for her to say something more,...

‘Summer’s Last Stand’ holds its own

Brad Lanphere, music critic

September 30, 2011

  Cooler days and changing of seasons are what most people think of when September rolls around. But for some the first weekend of September means going to Summer’s Last Stand: North Coast Music Festival. Taking place at Un...

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