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The Oracle reexamines South’s prevalent issues

May 25, 2012

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The Oracle Editorial Board wishes to reiterate the important topics discussed in this year’s editorials for the South community to take into consideration over the summer as we enter a new school year. pink passes: The Oracle...

Visiting artist’s intent: aesthetic, not religious

Editorial Board

December 16, 2011

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Looking up at the Old Pit wall, one sees five murals hanging, each portraying a different message: two images of men, a heart with a fingerprint, a fist and finally, in the center, the largest piece bearing strong resemblance...

South’s steadfast athletes stand by principles

September 30, 2011

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Going against the social “norm” in order to stand by one’s beliefs can be a difficult thing to do. High school is often identified as a time where peer pressure can affect decision-making and trying to “fit in” is...

Ratemyteachers: more than just bashing

September 30, 2011

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Every August, students wait expectantly for a friend’s schedule to appear on their Facebook news feed before rushing to HomeLogic to see who their teachers will be for the upcoming school year. Upon discovering whose clas...

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