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Seniors pursue future education majors in college

Katie Cavender, senior editor

May 26, 2017

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While the stereotypical high school senior is excited to graduate and move on from their school, many South seniors are exceptions to this rule. Instead of striving to pursue careers away from the school environment, they aim to r...

Most Changed

May 26, 2017

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The Oracle editors and staffers chose the seniors who they thought changed the most over the past four years.

Geometry in Construction strives to apply math skills to daily life

Grady Bruch and Aidan Celner

May 16, 2017

Filed under Features, Web Exclusives

Almost everyone has drawn graphs and coordinate planes in their math classes. However, there are many students that are kinesthetic learners that want to learn with their hands and manipulate their math. So, South implemented a c...

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